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The section provides information on various types of scams and fraud - if in doubt always double check. If it is too good to be true then it normally is a scam.

WhatsApp Family Impersonation Scam

Scammers will pose as family members on WhatsApp in order to manipulate victims into transferring money. Read our advice on to spot this type of scam and what you can do if you think you’ve responded to a scam message.

Vishing and SMiShing

Read our advice on this type of fraud that uses telephones and mobile phones

Unwanted and Unsolicited Mail, Marketing and Telephone Calls

Marketing phone calls, unsolicited letters and email are legitimate marketing practices for many companies.

Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud involves the misuse of identity information in order to commit crime.

Working from Home and Business Opportunity Fraud

Read our advice for home working and avoiding business opportunity fraud.

Credit and Debit Card Fraud

Card fraud includes the use of stolen cards to make direct purchases.

Investment Fraud

As traditional investments become less popular due to lower returns, high yield investments have become more attractive to fraudsters.

Advance Fee Fraud - paying money for a promise of wealth

Advance Fee Fraud involves a payment in advance for a promise of wealth, wills, gifts, prizes or employment. They contact their targets by mail, phone, fax, or email.

Consumer Frauds

Commonly known as ‘scams’, these frauds target the unwary and arrive in the form of unsolicited e-mail, letters or telephone calls.

Criminal Cash-Back, Shipping and ESCROW & Cheque Frauds

Their objective is to send ‘bad money’ which may be in the form of a stolen cheque or forged bankers draft and get ‘good money’ in return.