Two men have today, Tuesday 1st August, been sentenced at Londonderry Magistrates Court for offences committed under Section 13 of The Terrorism Act 2000.

Jordan Devine, aged 22 years old, was sentenced to three months imprisonment for wearing clothing, or having article(s) as a member or supporter of a proscribed organisation. William McDonnell, aged 37 years old, was handed a four-month custodial sentence for the offence of wearing clothing, or having article(s) as  a member or supporter of a proscribed organisation. The charges brought against the two men were made by Terrorism Investigation Unit detectives investigating a mural painted on the window of premises on Chamberlain Street in the city last year. The mural was of a masked snowman appearing to press the button on a command wire which leads to trees, with the accompanying words 'they haven't gone away ye know'. A Santa was also painted on the mural.

Speaking after sentencing today, Detective Inspector Dane said: "This mural was incredibly distasteful, appearing just days after a sickening attempted murder attack on our colleagues in Strabane.

“We welcome today's court outcome in respect of the charges against Devine and McDonnell. I want to acknowledge the diligent work by local officers in Derry City & Strabane and the enquiries they made which greatly assisted our detectives in progressing their investigation. Today's sentences are as a result of these combined efforts.”

Detective Inspector Dane added: “Our investigation illustrates our commitment to bringing those determined to harm our community before the Court."