Police have thanked the clubs and supporters for their support in ensuring today's match between Linfield and Coleraine passed off largely peacefully.

The match at the National Football Stadium at Windsor Park was well attended, however, there were a small number of individuals who ignored police advice and appeals for common sense before the game.

A number of opposing football fans were involved in a public order disturbance shortly before kick-off in the Donegal Road and Tate's Avenue Bridge areas. Following this, a 43-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of public order-related offences.

Meanwhile, there were separate reports of two men sustaining injury in an assault outside the stadium. 

Superintendent Christian Bradley said: "Our officers were in place to deal swiftly and effectively with any trouble makers. The majority of the issues were outside the venue, however, a number of flares/smoke bombs were set off inside the stadium which we are investigating.

“A total of six arrests were made for public order-related offences and, where applicable, we will be seeking football banning orders. As part of our follow-up, we will also be reviewing any available CCTV.
“We recognise that the vast majority of fans are there to enjoy the match, however, we will not tolerate disruption, disorder or criminal behaviour of any kind.

“As always we will continue to work with our local football clubs and the League to address any criminal or sectarian activity linked to people attending matches and ensure that supporters are kept safe.”